Platform admin Outreach foundations checklist

Optimize your account setup, manage pipelines, and execute deals effectively with this platform admin Outreach foundations checklist, designed to enhance your prospect engagement and achieve performance goals.

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5 days to complete

01. Configure org settings

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System configuration

Configure the following baseline settings in Outreach:

Email configuration

Configure email settings and establish governance to improve email deliverability

GenAI configuration

Configure the following GenAI settings so your team can automate tasks, get insight into account risks and pipeline goals, and boost productivity to close more deals:

Kaia configuration

Configure Kaia to help new reps ramp faster, sellers run more productive meetings, and managers tap into the details and trends across all conversations.

Based on your company’s conferencing solution, use the following guides:

Profiles and teams

After reviewing the out of box, default profiles available to you in Outreach, configure the following profiles (as applicable) to build core profiles that meet the requirements of your team and establish governance:

Establish your team's in Outreach for content and reporting views so users have the most relevant content and reports at their fingertips:

Sync data

Once you've configured all org settings you will need to work with your CRM admin to sync your data into Outreach before assigning users in Outreach. See these University Courses for a step-by-step guide.

21 days to complete

02. Content

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Build a content committee for ultimate ROI

It is a best practice for all Outreach customers to use content committees to create, review, and maintain content. Work with your sales leader to determine if your organization would benefit from a content committee. If so, use these resources to get one up and running:

Content foundations

Take the following Outreach University courses for a crash course in creating content that will boost your team's efficiency so they can engage more prospects

Building content in Outreach

Work with your sales leader or content committee to create the following content in Outreach using the learnings from the above University Courses and the following resources:

  • To build sequences use Outreach blueprints which have best practices, tasks, timing intervals, variables (and more!) built-in. We recommend you create and customize the following sequence blueprints for your team:
    • High and Low Touch Persona for persona-based prospecting that delivers operational precision at scale
    • Email reply follow-up to ensure you follow-up on time, every time
    • Meeting follow-up to keep prospects engaged
    • Meeting no show to ensure prospects
    • Inbound request to respond to a prospect quickly
    • Event to address large volumes of customers and streamline rep workflows
    • Sales nurture to develop relationships with buyers at every stage of the funnel

    Did you know
    • Building persona-based high and low touch sequences allows you to use scalable, data-driven, targeted messaging that increases win rates and qualified opportunities so reps book more meetings
    • Email reply follow-ups automatically re-engages a prospect, even when they've gone cold, so no prospect falls through the cracks and reps never forget a follow up

    Be sure to prioritize these sequences for your team to help them create and close more pipeline

  • To build templates use Outreach blueprints which have best practices, content, variables (and more!) built-in. We recommend you create and customize the following template blueprints for your team:
    • Meeting recap with action items to keep prospects engaged
    • Meeting reminders to make sure prospects don't fall through the cracks
    • Objection handling to proactively address concerns and reinforce value
    • Event to streamline rep workflows
    • Re-engagement to ensure you don't lose touch with a prospect
    • Pricing requests for accurate follow-ups

  • To build snippets use Outreach blueprints which have best practices, content, variables (and more!) built-in. We recommend you create and customize the following snippet blueprints for your team:
    • Customer testimonials
    • Value proposition
    • Frequently used resources
    • Features
    • Intro/discovery
    • Follow up
    • Proposal
    • Onboarding
    • QBR/EBR
    • Renewal
    • Key product features so reps remember everything included in a product offering
    • Top competitors so reps can share key differentiators
    • Confusing on complex features or integrations so reps can speak with confidence
    • Kaia Coach Cards to enable sales leaders, enablement, and reps to evaluate and provide feedback for reps on specific conversations
    • Build Kaia Custom Topics so your team can track specific topics or categories of topics that come up during buyer-seller conversations

Content organization

Organize your content so users have the most relevant content at their fingertips

60 days to complete

03. Launch

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Allocate Kaia licenses

Once you’ve configured Kaia, allocating Kaia licenses will ensure your team members can use Kaia for all their meetings and Outreach Voice calls (if applicable)

User set up

With your org settings configured, profiles established, and content in place, it's time to add your team as users so they can begin creating and closing more pipeline

60 days to complete

04. Ongoing maintenance

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System hygiene

Maintain your instance for optimal performance

Each month take time to:

Each quarter take time to:


Check in on the performance of your content to enable sellers to perform to their full potential and optimize the customer experience


Implement workflows for your team for standardized efficiency at scale. We recommend starting with the following: