Sales Manager Outreach foundations checklist

Improve your team's performance with this Sales Manager Outreach checklist, designed to streamline account setup, boost rep participation, and optimize workflows for efficient pipeline management and accurate forecasting.

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5 days to complete

01. Account setup

These are baseline settings you should enable in your instance. If you will be using Outreach to send email communications or meetings in Outreach:

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XDR managers, see how Angela Garinger and her team use Outreach throughout their day to create pipeline.
AE managers, see how sales leader Kevin Bognar uses Outreach throughout his day to help his team close deals.
21 days to complete

02. The basics

These are the foundational concepts to help you get started with Outreach. Complete and integrate these daily rhythms while prospecting to build pipeline and book more meetings.

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Pipeline generation and management

Effectively manage your team’s pipeline and improve rep attainment by using Outreach to:

Preparing for and conducting 1:1’s

Enable sellers to perform to their full potential by using Outreach to prepare for your next 1:1:

Content and organization

Work with your admin and team to ensure your team's content is in place (and organized!) across the sales cycle – from prospecting to deal management.

Confirm that the following have been created in Outreach:

Relevant resources

These courses are optional but provide in-depth how-to’s on Outreach features and functionalities.

60 days to complete

03. Sales manager workflows

Build on your Outreach proficiency and optimize your instance. Complete and integrate these daily rhythms to help your team create and close more pipeline.

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Sales engagement

Create quality pipeline that converts to revenue and maximize your team's productivity by using Outreach to:


Review the performance of your content to maximize your team’s productivity and ensure your message resonate with sellers by using Outreach to:

Maximize productivity and success

Use Outreach to maximize you productivity and success by creating Saved Views for:


Forecast with confidence and improved accuracy in Outreach by: